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Aliya Rasheed sports journalist biography

Not common but Aliya Rasheed is one of the most famous sports journalist and anchor. She has a decent personality and has achieved great success in her career through hard work. She is also working as a director and producer in the industry.

Aliya Rasheed sports journalist biography

Today we are going to share a biography about that great journalist. In the following text, you’ll find out everything about her life, and education. If you want to know then keep scrolling and continue reading.

Let’s move forward with the biography;
A senior cricket sports anchor Aliya Rasheed is getting popular day by day in the community.

She was born in Karachi, a city in Pakistan, and is currently living in Islamabad, another city of Pakistan. At that time, she lived with her grandmother because her parents settled in America.

She did her early education at Cosmopolitan School Karachi. After completing her early education, she decided to get into the International Relations field. To pursue her studies, she went to the University of Karachi.

Student Life of Aliya Rasheed

She always wanted to complete her education but besides this, she always said that most of the time our degrees will not help us in practical life. Aliya completed her schooling from Cosmopolitan School Karachi.

After that, she was admitted to the University of Karachi where she completed her master’s degree in International Relations. Later, she aspired to pursue a master’s degree in Journalism but was unable to do so due to her prior qualification in International Relations.

In talking about her career, she always said to herself that personal satisfaction while working is more important than the satisfaction of other people. She has always been aware that her work’s quality speaks for itself.

The career of Aliya Rasheed

She started her career in television as an anchor at the age of eighteen. She worked in some Pakistani news channels and newspapers including “The News” and “ICC (International Cricket Council)
Aliya Rasheed sports journalist biography
Champion Trophy Secretariat”, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and Radio Pakistan. She was also present in the “Pakistan Super League” with Geo Network.
She also published a magazine in her career “Allrounder”. Moreover, she is a regular analyst of sports at Geo News and Geo Television Network.

Achievements and Success

She made numerous appearances as a chief guest on various talk shows and cricket-related programs. Her presence on an Eid special episode of the Capital Talk Show on Zem TV added a special touch to the program.

Some of the popular shows are News Beat on Saama TV and Talk with Khursheed, 8 PM with Fareeha Idress, and others.

Apart from Cricket News, she also got success in the entertainment industry. She wrote a book on “Jahangir Khan” in her career. She also worked as a director or assistant director in some movies including Anhoni, Qasam, and Sargam.

Qasam was directed by the well-known industry personality, Syed Noor. This movie provided Aliya with the opportunity to collaborate with Syed Noor.

In addition to her acting career, she ventured into directing plays, including Karvat, Talash, Chaap, Chukat, Khwab se khwab tk, Ab kyse, and Baji. She also wrote a cricket article in the Urdu language for the Pakistani magazine “Kaisa Hoga 2016”.

She also got an award in the category of best director. Her play “Baji” was “eve” evacuated on Women’s Day in Pakistan.

She also directed a documentary on a Pakistani cricketer Misbah ul haq that was loved by Pakistani Cricket fans. Captain Calm was the name of this documentary.

Marital Status, Boyfriend, and Children

She is a beautiful and successful woman in the industry, with a significant fan following. It’s important to clarify that her relationship status, whether she is married or has a boyfriend, does not define her personal or professional achievements.

Aliya Rasheed was married a few years ago to Gul Hameed Bhatti, but unfortunately, he passed away early.

Both Aliya and her late husband shared a deep love for cricket. Her husband, Gul Hameed worked as the editor of “The Cricketer” and the sports editor of “The News”.

Aliya Rasheed sports journalist biography

The personality of Aliya Rasheed

She said that she never wanted to become popular. She is more family-oriented. She prefers to maintain her privacy in personal matters because of her heavy involvement in the media due to her professional career.

Once in her interview, she said that she feels more comfortable working backstage or off-screen. She doesn’t like coming on screen again and again.

Physical health of Aliya Rasheed

There is no information available on her physical health through social medias. However, from certain sources, it is reported that she stands at about 5 feet 6 inches in height and weighs approximately 65 kilograms. This indicates that she is a tall individual with no reported health issues, and she is described as having fair skin.

Nationality and Religion

She was born in Karachi, Pakistan. It means that she holds Pakistani nationality. Moreover, she belongs to Islam and is known as a Muslim.

Aliya is too loved and attached to her religion. She respects and tries her best to follow her religion properly.

Social Media Accounts

This popular personality is active on various social media platforms. If you wish to connect with her directly and become one of her followers, you can click on the links to her social media accounts to get more insights into her current life and activities.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about her biography. I hope you enjoyed it and found this article informative. In this reading, we delved into the complete biography, covering all the details.

n her 35-year sports career, she gained a lot of experience and experience that elevated her status in the industry. She has also served as a cricket analyst and currently holds a prominent position as a sports journalist.



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