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Amy marxkors biography
Amy Marxkors is a writer and an ice hockey player. She is the author of many famous books and has been among the top 10 marathon racers for the past few years. Amy is motivating the world through her unique way of writing.

Amy marxkors biography

Are you interested in knowing your favorite personality and author, Amy Marxkors? With an exciting journey and a biography full of interesting facts and stories, she is famous among the people worldwide.
One of my favorite writers, Amy Marxkors, also authorizes the famous book The Lola Papers. Apart from being a writer, she also loves to play sports. She is very good at playing Ice hockey.
Today, in our Amy Marxkors biography, we wanted to share all the information about her life. From her height, age, and weight to her marital status and professional career, we will discuss Amy Marxkors in detail.

Amy marxkors biography

Before digging deep into the article, let’s glance at some key facts about Amy Marxkors;
  • The birth date of Amy Marxkors is not confirmed. However, it is said that she was born in 1983. 
  • She is also among the top 10 women at numerous marathons. 
  • She is working on her second novel, a biography of a local St. Louisan.
  • The famous adventurous book, “The LoLa Papers, “is also written by Amy Marxkors.

Amy Marxkors: A Quick Overview

Amy Marxkors
Mod Girl
Date of birth
ST. Louis, MO, United States Of America
Sexual orientation
Not known
Author, ice hockey player
Martial status
Current residence
ST. Louis, MO, United States Of America

Early Life

Amy Marxkors was probably born in 1983; as of 2023, her age is expected to be 40. She was born in ST. Louis, MO, United States of America. During an interview, Amy said that writing about sports is her childhood love.
She started writing when she was just 12. It is also expected that Amy grew up in the same city she was born in.
At a very young age, Amy Marxkors started taking interviews of players and providing commentary. In her teenage years, she also wrote for local sports publications, specifically for ice hockey.


Amy left her school when she was in the second grade. Then, she studied from home. After high school, she didn’t go to college. Instead, she started teaching herself the art of writing.
She was in love with the British literature. She used to read famous and professional authors and gave herself assignments. However, Amy Marxkors graduated from her native town, but the name of her college or the degree she holds is not confirmed.


Like other famous personalities, Amy Marxkors keeps her private life separate from the social one. Therefore, no one knows about her family background, including her parents and siblings.
Amy marxkors biography

Professional Career

Now, we’ll discuss the most exciting part of our Amy Marxkors biography. She is a hardworking woman who is motivating her fans through her writing. Not only this, but she is also an ice hockey player.
As mentioned, she stepped into the writing world at a very young age. She became a writing instructor while she was teaching herself writing. She started preparing the students in high school for writing.
According to some reliable sources, she had also worked as a freelancer. She did her first part-time, on-site job at Fleet Feet St. Louis. There, she met two guys who became her novel’s main characters. Their names are Big J and Speedy Pants.
She worked there for three years. After that, Amy Marxkors started writing on a full-time basis, and she became the author of many books over a short period.
Amy Marxkors is the writer of many famous books. We’ll also mention the names later in the article. Her books have been shown in the Competitor, St. Louis Magazine, Ultra Running Magazine, and many more.
You’ll be delighted to hear that she was a St. Louis Blues radio broadcast member. Amy worked there from 2016 to 2019.
Not only is she a writer, but she is also an ice hockey player and marathon runner. She is also among the top 10 marathon runners around the world.
Amy marxkors biography

Relationship and Affairs

Amy Marxkors is not involved in any relationship and is still single. However, she has not posted about her marital status on social media handles.

Amy Marxkors biography

Amy Marxkors is a well-known American writer. Writing is Amy’s passion, and she chose it as her career. She started writing when she was just 12.
She spent her whole life in writing. However, she also offered her services on different part-time and full-time platforms. Most of her books are about sports, specifically ice hockey.
Many of her novels are based on adventurous stories. Amy also authorizes the most famous book, The LoLa Papers. Apart from being a writer, she is also an ice hockey player. It is one of her favorite sports.
Amy also appeared in the Marathon race. Her books are a source of motivation for women around the world.

Amy Marxkors Social Media Handles

Amy Marxkors is a social woman active on several social media platforms. She also has a Twitter account that posts about her life and career. Amy Marxkors’s Twitter account has over 4500 followers.

Amy marxkors biography

Amy Marxkors Age

She was born in the year 1983. Therefore, her age in th year 2023 is 40 years. However, there is no information available about her birthday on social media. Hence, we’re also yet to confirm her birthday and current age.

Amy Marxkors Books

As we mentioned, she is the author of many famous books. Here’s the list of the books Amy Marxkors has authorized;
  • The LoLa Papers 
  • How I Became A Serious Runner
  • Misadventures
  • Powered By Hope
  • The Teri Griege Story
Amy marxkors biography

Final Cut

Amy Marxkors is a talented writer. Many of her books have become popular. Writing is Amy’s passion. She started writing at a very young age. She also has a keen interest in sports. She is very good at playing ice hockey and marathon races.
We hope you get all the information you’re looking for. All the information provided above is authentic, as we write this article after a deep research. So, there is no need to worry about the reliability of facts.


The nickname of Amy Marxkors is Mod Girl.
You can visit her social media handles to get th first-hand knowledge of her life and career. The information about her social media accounts is also given in the article.
Writing is the passion of Amy Marxkor; she started writing when she was just 12. At the time of attending college, she used to teach herself writing. She used to read novels written by professional authors and then gave herself assignments.


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