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Duke dennis biography
Meta Description: Duke Dennis is a popular YouTuber, content creator, influencer, and social media personality. He also served the army of his country, but later concentrated on deve;oping his career on YouTube.

Duke Dennis Biography

Are you also confused about whether Duke Dennis is in jail, and you want to know about his mugshot or criminal record? Don’t worry; we’re here with the best biography of Duke Dennis detailing all the information about his mugshot.
Duke Dennis is a renowned YouTuber busy setting a bright career using modern technologies. Video games, YouTube, and his basketball skills are the things which helped him to be an ideal for millions of youth worldwide.
So, in this post, we’ll discuss everything about Duke Dennis. His initial life, family, career, and net worth. So let’s get started!
Duke Dennis
Date of birth
26 February 1994
Place of birth
Georgia, Alabama, USA
Age (as of 2024)
29 years
Current residence
City Heights, San Diego, California, USA
Zodiac sign
Sexual orientation
Content creator, YouTuber
Marital status
Source of income
$1million to $5million

Duke Dennis - A Brief Overview

Duke was born in Georgia, Alabama, USA, on 26 February 1994. Duke Dennis is a well-known American YouTuber and content creator. His content is related to gaming, especially basketball.
He became famous after posting his video about a basketball game, NBA 2K17, on his YouTube channel. This video helped him get millions of subscribers and develop his career.
Soon afterwards, Duke’s YouTube channel started gaining more subscribers every other day. Besides his online career, Duke Dennis is also very active physically.
You’ll be glad to hear that he also served in the US Army and was deployed to Germany after training. This shows that Duke is determined and hardworking, focused on brightening his career and future.

Duke Dennis Education

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about his education. However, he received an early education in his home town and graduated from a reputed university.
Let me tell you that after his graduation, Duke joined the US Army and provided his services for a few years. After that, he focused on establishing his YouTube career.

Duke Dennis Family

Duke Dennis was born in a Christian family of mixed ethnic background of African descent. He has not shared any pictures or related information about his parents. However, his brothers were seen in his YouTube videos.
The name of one of his brothers is Dauris; his brothers first appeared on his YouTube channel in 2019. However, people also reported that Duke’s father is an entrepreneur and his mother a housewife. In his video, Duke also said he loves spending time with his family.

Is Duke Dennis Married?

Many of you might be curious about Duke Dennis’ marital status. So, it is to be noted that Duke is single and not dating anyone. Also, Duke doesn’t share any information about his personal life on social media.
Knowing about Duke Dennis’s affairs or relationship status might be challenging. But we’ll update you if found any related information.

The Net Worth Of Duke Dennis

Duke Dennis is a YouTuber, content creator, internet star, influencer and entrepreneur. However, his primary source of income is YouTube, and his net worth is estimated to be between $4 million and 5 million. It is to be noted that Duke hasn’t revealed his net worth on social media; it is the estimated value.

Duke Dennis - Physical Appearance

Duke Dennis is 29 years boy with a muscular body. He likes to go to the gym and exercise daily to keep himself fit and healthy.
Duke dennis biography
80 kg
Eye color
Hair Color
Shoe size
On hands only

Is Duke Dennis In Jail?

No, Duke Dennis is not in jail but is busy with his personal life. However, he was arrested for a short time and then released. Duke Dennis accepted that he broke the law, but he also stated that he was in high school then.

Duke Dennis Mugshot

Now comes the most exciting part of this post: the mugshot scene of Duke Dennis. A massive crowd and his fans want to know about his mugshot.
This news began when he posted a video on his account titled “I Went To Jail! Duke Dennis Story Time.” You can also watch this video for more detailed information.
Duke Dennis’s mugshot went viral on social media in the middle of 2021. Because of this reason, the police also arrested him, and the reason behind his arrest was domestic violence.
However, he was bailed later, but no one knew the charges as Duke Dennis hasn’t talked much about that incident on YouTube except for a video available.
Duke dennis biography

Duke Dennis Career

Duke Dennis was a basketball champion since childhood, which he also pursued as his career. Some reports mention that he is a professional basketball player. He started his career on YouTube in 2013.
He created a series of content related to basketball simulation video games called NBA 2k. However, his most famous video is also about a basketball game named NBA 2k17.
As per the latest report, Duke Dennis runs three YouTube channels: a Twitch account and a TikTok account. The number of Duke’s fans is increasing every other day.

Is Duke Dennis In the Army?

No, Duke Dennis is not serving in the US Army these days. However, he indeed served in the army after completing his graduation. But after a few years, he focused on developing his YouTube career.

Duke Dennis - Current Residence

Duke Dennis was born in Georgia, Alabama, USA, although currently he is living in City Heights, San Diego, California, USA. It is also reported that he had lived with his brother in Carolina, USA.

Duke Dennis Social Handles

Duke Dennis is very active on social media and has an account on almost every other social platform. Let’s glance at a table mentioning all his social accounts, along with their links;
Duke dennis biography
YouTube channel 1
YouTube channel 2
YouTube channel 3

Duke Dennis Biogrpahy

Duke Dennis was born in Georgia, Alabama, USA on 26 February 1994. Duke wanted to become a basketball player since childhood, and he fulfilled his dream through his passion and hardwork.
After graduation, Duke served US army for a few years. Later, he started focusing on his YouTube career and started focusing on creating content related to basketball.
His first video on YouTube was uploaded in 2013, related to basketball simulation. The most famous YouTube video of Duke Dennis is basketball video game, NBa 2k17.
You’ll be glad to know that he has poten content on almost all the popular social media platforms, each with millions of subscribers. Duke Dennis is also famous for his mugshot.
Some of his mugshots went viral on social media, and this was because police arrested Duke. However he was bailed in a few days. Duke accepted that he broke a law, and was arrested in a case of domestic violence. But at that time he was as young as a high school student.
Let me tell you that he doesn’t share any information about his parents and affairs. Although his brothers were seen in one of his YouTube videos in 2019. He is not married yet, and also not dating anyone.

Is Duke Dennis a Millionare?

Yes, Duke is a millionare, as we already mentioned his net worth is between $ 4 and 5 million. His maain source of income is YouTube, and also he sells his merch on Design by Humans.
Both of his YouTube channels have more than 1.9 million subscribers, and help him earn a steady income. The third one has above 624 k subscriber. Brands also pay him for paid promotions, and to play their ads on his videos.
Note: all these values are according to 2024.

Duke Denis Jeeps

You’ll be surprised to know that besides basketball, Duke also has a keen interest in cars. He has created an account on Twitter, only for his cars. As per 2024, he has brought three jeep wranglers.
He bought the first one in 2017, and gave it to his brother. Then he purchased a jeep with stack pack engine, and later SRT jeep wrangler.
Duke dennis biography

Bottom Line

We hope that you liked this biography, and found all the information you were looking for. Furthermore, this biography is written by expers after a thorough research so there’s no need to worry about the reliability.


Duke was born on 26 February 1994, so according to 2024 his age is estimated to be 29 years.
Yes, this news is authntic, as Duke posted a video on social media showing two men breaking into his house. This happened in 2020.


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