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Phil Stutz Biography
Phil Stutz is a psychiatrist, author, therapist, and doctor of America. He is also known as Dr. Phil Stutz and has been working as a leading psychiatrist and coach for the last forty years. His birth year is 1947 and his nickname is Phil. Besides of medical profession, Phill also holds a background working with some Hollywood actors.

Phil Stutz Biography

In this article, you will get to know all the details about his life. It includes his Real Name, Age, Parents, Siblings, Religion, Early Life, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Career, Author, Books, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Family, and other Facts. stay connected and read till the last word.

Early Life and Family Background

Phil Stutz is known for being a popular therapist and psychiatrist. He was born in 1947 in Manhattan, New York City. The current age of him in 2023 is 75 years old.
The details about his family and parents are not known as he had never talked about his family background and siblings. We only knew about one of his friends Barry Michael.
Barry Michael is a co-author of the book The Tool written by Phil. The friends wrote a book in the year 2022 and because they are family.
Phil Stutz
Nick name
Birth place
Manhattan, New York
75 in 2023
Mother Name
Not known
Father Name
Not known
Friend Name
Barry Michael

Education Career

Phil Stutz works as a professional psychiatrists and therapists. He has a lot of experience in this field. He went to clinical residency and served at the NY clinical school in 1972 as a student. He moved to LA and started practicing in 1982.
He has worked with many famous faces of Hollywood, first-class leaders, and many others. He went to a local high school, and then he received his Doctorate from Bond University.
Not known
NY clinical school
Bond University

Professional Career Details

Phil Stutz has written multiple books in his life. Moreover, he has also worked with many celebrities, including Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand.
Phil Stutz-02
He has established himself as a leader in the field and founding multiple companies in the fields of technology, entertainment, and real estate.
Throughout his professional career, he has been an impassive supporter of mental health and personal development. His books such as The Tools and The War of Art have been widely praised for their insight and practical wisdom.
His work has been featured by numerous publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. His professional accomplishments have established him as a leader in his field and have earned him respect.

Wife, children and love life

Phil Stutz likes to keep his personal life very private, leading to speculation about his marital status. It is not known to anyone whether he got married at a young age or not.
However, he does impart lessons on love, relationships, marriage life, and other topics to young people who are experiencing challenges in their love lives.
Along with his co-author Barry, Phil has answered questions like once a relationship has lost its passion, is it possible to get it back? What if the spark has gone from your relationship and other like that.
Furthermore, he doesn’t share anything about his personal of secret dating life. It is also not known that Phill is having children or not.
Marital Status
Girl Friend
Not known

Books of Phil Stutz

Phil Stutz’s book got the title of the best book of the year. This book is about the thoughts of Phil and his friend and co-author Barry Michael. Barry is also a psychiatrist and has experience in the field. They have combined their thoughts and come out with productive self-help for those who need it most.
There are many tools mentioned in the book that will help readers connect with themselves. There is also the story of Phil’s struggles, stories, experiences and failures.
The five tools that Phil has mentioned in his book The Tool are Creativity, Courage, and the other two you can find yourself in the book. There is also a documentary about Phil’s life experience on Netflix.
Phil Stutz and Barry Michael wrote three books that have title;

1) The Tools

2) Coming Alive: 4Tools to Defeat Your Inner Enemy, Ignite Creative Expression and Unleash Your Soul’s Potential

3) The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence and Creativity: Library Edition

Physical Appearance, height and weight

Phil has a charming and attractive personality. He has lovely warm brown eyes and bald brown hair color. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weight is approximately 58 kg.
There aren’t many details available about his physical appearance. It is also not known that he either have tattoos and piercings or not.
5 feet and 8 inches
58 KG
Eye Color
Hair Color
Not Known
Not Known

Ethnicity, nationality, and religion

Phil was born and grew up in America so it is obvious that he has an American nationality. Moreover, he has a white ethnicity that we came to know from some of the trusted resources,
The religion of Phil is Christianity. He follows Christianity and tries to act on all of its commands. His family members of him also follow the same religion.

Net worth and income

Phil Stutz earns his living from his profession of being an author, psychiatrist, and therapist. His net worth is estimated at $7 Million and his monthly income is around $80-$85k.
He has been paid well for his work as a doctor. This 75-year-old psychiatrist’s net worth has increased to USD 2 million in December 2023.
He has co-authored nearly five books based on the psychiatry of human minds. Indeed, he might be earning around $5 million and as high as $10 million.
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Facts about Phil Stutz

Following are some facts that you need to know about Phil Stutz;
  • Phil Stutz helps people in learning how to bring courage, conviction, and creativity, on their way to a blooming life.
  • He began to suffer from Parkinson’s disease in 2006.
  • He talked about Parkinson’s in one blog posted earlier on his websites.
  • He collaborates with his partner and also runs a YouTube channel named “The Tools with Barry Michaels and Phil Stutz” where he has 5.63 subscribers.
  • Back in 2005, he appeared in the movie “Special Thanks to Rou London”.  
  • He was seen in the TV series “Charlie Rose” in 2012.
  • He is also a therapist of actor Jonah Hill.
  • He appeared on a Goop podcast in December 2022.

Phil Stutz on Social Media

Phil is highly uncommunicative and likes to maintain a quiet personality that is unreachable by anyone. He does have a presence on Instagram with the handle @stutzphil.
Interestingly, he follows only one account, @the.darkness2022, which appears to be related to Black University. Although his Instagram profile is unverified and doesn’t contain any posts, many people have tagged him in their pictures, videos, and reels.

The bottom line

That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed this and happy to know about the details of this well-known personality. We have looked on the details of his age, life, family, education and career. If there is something left that you want to know then get to know by interacting with his official account.


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After that, he joined the Hyles-Anderson College in 1978 to complete his studies. At this time, he not only focused on his education but also tried to keep his spiritual life upgraded.He also took part in the election at Bus Bran of the First Baptist Church. Later on, he went to university and got his bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 1986 from Hyles- Anderson Collage.His educational journey did not end here as he continued his education after that and obtained a master’s of theology and a Doctorate in religious affairs degree too. These things clearly define the love, dedication, and attention of Waddle towards studies. Career in Finance and Real State If we talk about the professional journey and career of Waddle then Waddle worked for more than 30 years in the field of finance and real estate. His expertise in that field is also proof of it. He is an approved instructor of real estate by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. 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He was mostly called by his nicknames Sam and Doodle Man. He is popular by another name that is Sam Cox Mr. Doodle. Currently, in 2023, he is 33 years old.He grew up in the United Kingdom with her parents. Unfortunately, there are no such details found about his parents’ name, profession, and how many siblings he has. Name Mr Doodle Nick name Doodle Man Real Name Sam Cox Birth place Kent, UK (United Kingdom) Birth Date 8 March 1994 Mother Name Not known Father Name Not known Profession Artist Educational and Qualification background Mr. Doodle was born and grew up in his hometown. That’s why he completed his education from there too. At such a young age he went to a nearby school and completed his schooling from there. He had a desire for art and colors from a young age. That’s why he decided to become an artist. He was admitted to the University of West England with his main course illustration and completed his bachelor’s from there. School Not known University University of West England Education Bachelors in illustration Bachelors in illustration After the completion of his studies, Doodle Man started to make illustrations on school books, walls of restaurants, schools, and cafes. After some time in 2017, he shared a video on social media for doodling for straight 20 hours. That of his video went viral and he was starting to get fame. He didn’t lose that amazing chance to make his name and show his talent. At that time, he had collaborated with some famous brands including Fendi, Puma, Samsung, and MTV. He had covered 6 bedroom property with his doodle work and got a project to transform it all from inside and outside. This talk was about 2019 and he had to renew all the things including the essentials and furniture of the house.His artwork is his passion. He always tries to show some creativity along with uniqueness. His doodles always engage the people of the world because of their hearted designs and unique styles. Physical measurements, height, and weight He has a height of about 5.10 feet. This height is perfect according to her health and body weight. He is an active personality who likes to keep him healthy and fit. That is the reason he went for daily gymming.The body weight of Mr. Doodle is 63 kg, which fits well on him. Moreover, his eye color is black and he also has brown color hair. There is nothing found about tattoos on his body and piercings in his ears. Height 5 feet and 10 inches Weight 63 KG Eye Color Black Hair Color Brown Tattoos Not Known Piercing Not known Wife, Children, and Love relationship He was a married man and living a happy life with his wife. His wife name is Alana Kutsenko. This couple is famous on social media for the identity of Mr and Mrs Doodle. They decided to be married at the start of 2021 and shared this news with their social media fan followers in a beautiful black and white doodle form. The couple’s picture that they shared went viral because of its unique style too.In the picture, Mr doodle wears a black and white dress while Mrs. Doodle comes with a colorful dress. They both committed to their wedding in Aug 2021. Moreover, it is not known whether they both are having children or not yet. Marital Status Married Wife Name Alana Kutsenko Marriage Year August 2021 Children No Favorite things of Mr doodle Mr doodle likes to make doodles foremost but he also has some hobbies that can be adopted in leisure time. For example, he likes to watch movies that she watches most of the time with her partner.He also prefers to play football whenever he has time. Furthermore, he went on yearly vacation with his wife at mountains and beaches whenever they wanted to. Movies/Drama Movies Sports Football Vacations Beach and Mountain Income and Net Worth Doodle made a successful career as an artist. Not only personally but he had also collaborated with multiple top-rated brands. It includes MTV, Puma, Samsung, Fendy and Converse.Additionally, his paintings and doodles are way too expensive like one of his artworks as a large-scale painting summer of 2019 has been sold in Dec 2020 for more than about $320,000.From there, you can understand the estimated idea about his earnings. From some of the platforms and after discussing the statistics, we found that the net worth of Mr. Doodle is around $15 million in 2023.Read more: phil Stutz biography Social Media Platforms Following are some of the links to his social media platforms. These links will help you to create a link with him; Instagram Click Here Facebook Click Here Twitter Click Here Tik Tok Click Here The Bottom Line That’s all about this reading. I hope you enjoyed this and are